Balamii Radio

Back in 2017, while I was studying, I created animations for a Balamii's social media by combining pics of Peckham Rye high street with my favourite pop-culture motifs. Turns out I really enjoy mashing up pics of Danny Devito with nail salons! If you need something similar, hit me up. 

Impromptu Play in Hoxton

Maybe not quite pristine enough for my main page, but this is one of my favourite projects. A flat-pack cardboard playground made with found items to form a pop-up play space in an underused London park.

Curious Camouflage

Yep, this jumper is for those people that wish to camouflage in a ball pit. Wide-reaching huh?
I also made socks from grass for instantly disappearing feet. It's all about context right? Maybe I was too dedicated to this joke.

Stupid Stop Motion

Sometimes late at night, I make these stupid animations that only I find funny and aren't even that well made...!

Space Race Wallpaper

I used to want to be a fabric pattern designer. This was a wallpaper I made for Barclays offices in Knutsford when I was 17. If you're ever around there, go check it out. If you recognise my name, it might be from my feature in the 'Warrington Worldwide' (the not so worldwide northern publication).

Pretty exciting stuff! I joke but, ahem, it's featured here. #StillProud