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Capsule 2051

Capsule 2051 was the result of a Lambeth-based live brief to promote 'hope'. The development of this concept has led to the creation of a flexible workshop aimed at promoting positive forward-thinking within communities. The workshop stems from the belief that the ability to visualize the future should be encouraged as a skill rather than expected as inherent.

The format of the workshop involves visualization through drawing and collage, as well as a speed-dating-style conversation using prompt cards to discuss prominent social issues. We designed an easily transferable (and transportable) package including playing cards, an instruction manual, collage materials, prompts and a wooden box. We uploaded videos and project news to the Facebook page and website we had created.




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 The workshop considers the lives of individuals in addition to their physical environment. Data gathered in the workshop sessions can be archived on the Capsule 2051 website in order to build a collection of data from discussions and consultations with varying groups and communities.


We proposed that this data would then be re-displayed in 2051 as documentation of the collective feelings, fears and hopes of the elapsed present day toward the future. In the lead up to that point, all accumulated material would be used within conversation with relating institutions such as schools, hospitals and councils in order to better promote and popularize the social imaginings of communities which may have been neglected or overlooked in past dialogues amongst establishments regarding the advancement and futures of those directly influenced by decisions made by those directorial organisations.

Our initial research led us to meet several active community organisations all working toward improving the lives of local people.  found that - whether the aim of each institution was to provide for basic needs like shelter and food, provide a space for people to meet regularly, or to provide council and direction for those struggling with mental health issues - a common theme between all organisations was a thriving micro community. People valued each individual support network interwoven within each space. 
On closer  inspection, however, it was found that despite existing knowledge of their neighbours, each community space was relatively isolated from it’s surrounding organisations. 

The preliminary project target was to link up each uncoordinated group in order to form lasting connections so as each organisation could share facilities progressing toward a better established community framework.

Our secondary target was to encourage forward thinking. Forward thinking is emblematic of the ethos that time is consistent in its progression forward. Having this understanding of time and alerting people to the power of involvement and control of actions taken toward both their own personal future in addition to the future of the areas surrounding them, was a major part of the project.