Designing a workshop for the future of Lambeth

Community-led innovation

The Challenge

Working with Innovation Unit, we aimed to gather research via workshop sessions with groups and communities in the local area. The premise being that any findings would then be re-displayed in '2051' as documentation of the collective feelings, fears and hopes of the elapsed present day. In the lead up to that point, all accumulated material would be used in conversation with relating institutions such as schools, hospitals and councils in order to better promote and popularize the social imaginings of communities which may have been neglected or overlooked in past dialogues. 

The Outcome

A flexible workshop involving visualization through drawing and collage, as well as a speed-dating-style conversation using prompt cards to discuss prominent social issues. We designed an easily transferable (and transportable) package including playing cards, an instruction manual, collage materials, prompts and a wooden box in order to reach groups who may have been difficult to reach with more traditional workshops such as residents of homeless shelters.