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Play Day in the Park

This was a rapid 1st year project in which we were required to study an assigned area in London and create an intervention. We started by exploring personal space and how to instantly gain ownership of an area by defining it with tape. Following this we created a 'play day' where visitors to the park and local workers could come and relax, have fun and begin to use the park and see it as their own space rather than walk around it as we had found them doing in the past. Disposable games were made from cardboard gifted by local shops and tape from the local arts store. The idea was to create an entire event from scratch without the use of laptops or the studio. The activities included chess, golf, a maze and a reading bench (with free newspapers). We also brightened the central feature (a fountain) with tape to draw attention to the 'play day'. The materials we used allowed us to redefine the space temporarily without needing to request permission from local authorities.